Bitcoin Fees Too High

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How does the Edge wallet stack up when it comes to security, privacy and price? Our review covers everything you need to know before storing your coins. Edge is a mobile crypto wallet that allows you to send, receive, store and exchange 12 popular cryptocurrencies. Formerly known as Airbitz, Edge wa

Bitfinex has adopted support for Wumbo channels, which allows users to deposit and withdraw more money into Lightning Network.

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Ethereum pressed higher on Thursday after Uniswap released the UNI token to the world. ETH surged around 10% from the time of.

The European Commission on Thursday unveiled plans to regulate cryptocurrencies, proposing rules that could limit the.

Bitcoin I’m a buyer and a continue to look for new merchandise. After a reader asked about the cryptocurrency, I took a look, and I like what I saw. Liquidity, FOMO and a short squeeze are driving market action. It continues to be a market for speculative trading. This is a very mixed market right n

A Florida federal judge has denied self-described Bitcoin "inventor" Craig Wright’s bid for summary judgment in a dispute over the ownership of potentially $10 billion that’s slated for trial early.

Nervous investors are flocking to gold, bitcoin and other supposed refuges. But these supposed safe harbours may have issues.

Someone has transferred $1.1 billion worth of bitcoins in a single transaction. Bitcoin hasn’t (yet) fulfilled its original promise of being widely-used electronic cash, but it still offers some features that would be hard to achieve within the traditional banking system. Namely, moving $1.1 billion

Bitcoin Cannot Be Saved By More ‘hard Forks’ But They Can Hurt It 15 Apr 2020. CoinPrune can be deployed through an opt-in velvet fork, i.e., they harm Bitcoin's overall network health: To root trust into. implement performance improvements but are hard to adapt at. In consequence, such devices cannot act as full nodes, of even more saving potential as the blockchain grows. Convert Bitcoins To Zimbabwean Dollars