Bitcoin License Plate

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20 Aug 2019.

We found many pictures posted online of all sorts of vehicles being spotted on the road with personalized crypto-related registration plates.

The crypto world continues to wait to see what China’s proposed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) would be like, as unconfirmed rumors fly around.

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Another unidentified driver was cited at 4:18 p.m. May 19 on Frenchman Road and Victor Hugo Blvd. for driving after revocation and failure to provide proof of insurance. •A resident in the 5000 block.

If a license plate is tagged for repossession, an alert is sent to the app user, the lender and the vehicle recovery agent. LivIcons Evolution. A recovery truck is.

Bitcoin vanity license plates for your flashy new BTC bought cars, favourites (old thread title) Summary: USA BITCOIN Arkansas – gadman2

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